The Benefits of New Siding

A home’s siding matters in several ways. It defines the overall look of a house. It helps determine how energy efficient a home actually is and it can cover up structural damage. If it has been a while since your home’s siding has been replaced, this year could be the right time to have Modern Exteriors Plus of El Paso install new siding.

First, your siding might be old and faded. Time has a way of making even the nicest siding look less appealing than when it was first installed. Indeed, over time the weather may have messed with your siding. It may no longer look as fresh and vibrant as it used to, and dirt/grime might have built up to the point where a power wash can’t even cut the mustard. Siding eventually gets so old that it just makes sense to start anew. Today’s new siding is available in a variety of colors and textures. If you’ve grown tired of the color your siding has been for decades, now’s the time to choose something more to your liking. Furthermore, the new siding will increase your home’s “curb appeal.” In other words, it’ll make it look nicer, not only to you, but also to neighbors and passersby.

Next, how well are your walls insulated? When your siding was originally installed, it might have been during a time in history when the builders lacked the money or inclination to add proper insulation. Therefore, your home hasn’t been very energy efficient over the years. With new siding, now’s the chance to make sure the walls of the home have up-to-date insulation. Did you know, for example, the installers could add rigid foam insulation to add up to an R-10 insulating value? Even if you have no idea what that means, suffice it to say your walls will be better insulated than they are now!

Finally, consider that behind your current siding there could very well be structural damage that’s hidden. From cracks to leaks, as well as delaminating plywood and broken studs, you might have problems going on that you don’t even realize until the installers rip off the old siding and find structural damage which can then be repaired. When adding new siding, it’s prime time for people to have a good look at what’s been going on “behind the scenes” and attend to any problems.

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